Legal Alabama Online Poker

A common misconception is that there is no legal poker in Alabama. This is simply not true, especially when it comes to playing online. Fact is, the United States Department of Justice recently re-defined it's interpretation of the Federal Wire Act of 1961 to say that the law only applies to sports betting. With that said, playing poker online in Alabama is no longer a violation of this legislation and Alabama residents are free to take advantage. In fact, online poker for Alabama residents is the only real way to go as none of the Indian casinos in the state advertise live poker games. If you want a live poker game in Alabama, you'd better find some friends that like to play and organize your own home game.

Is Online Poker Legal In Alabama?

As previously stated, the Federal government has no issue with online poker. The Wire Act was the only law in the books which hinted that online poker might be illegal. The Department of Justice has since clarified it's stance and now says that the law only applies to wagering on sporting events. With that said, the government does have a problem with how Alabama residents transfer funds into their accounts. Snuck through as part of the Safe Port Act, the UIGEA limits U.S. banking institutions from doing business with known online gambling sites. For this reason, many credit cards do not work. Online poker rooms that accept Alabama residents know this and have many other deposit options available that are safe and do not violate the UIGEA.

There are no laws in the Alabama state statutes that limit playing online poker. As poker is a skill game and not a game of chance, most laws do not apply to playing poker. In fact, the only reference to poker in the Alabama gambling laws is to video poker machines, which are illegal in Alabama. If you want more information about the Alabama state poker laws, consult the state statutes or a legal professional.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Alabama Residents

To find poker sites legal for Alabama residents look no further. We have a great all around selection of legal poker rooms with large numbers of users, a great selection of games, and many levels of stakes to suit any bankroll. All of the poker sites listed below accept residents from the state of Alabama.

Bovada Poker - New Depositors Get $1,000 In Bonuses

Bovada's online poker room has really caught fire lately and is growing by leaps and bounds. At any given time, players can find a seat at any of the hundreds of different tables in operation at Bovada. For new players, Bovada rolls out the red carpet. How does a 100% matching bonus to $1,000 sound? Well, that is exactly what Bovada offers to all players who wish to take advantage of this deposit bonus. If you want to try depositing with credit cards you may try. Bovada accepts VISA & Mastercard from Alabama residents. Other deposit options include MyPaylinQ which is a top notch e-wallet, as well as Rapid Transfer which is basically a wire transfer that can be made from hundreds of locations. If you want to play legal Alabama online poker, look no further than Bovada Poker.

BetOnline Poker - One Of The Top 3 Alabama Residents

When Poker players in Alabama want to really kick it up a notch they go to BetOnline. This online poker room was started about 10 years ago and since then they have been the most popular site in the state. Not surprising, considering they have one of the best welcome bonuses in the business and big money tournaments all the time.

When people hear welcome bonus they rarely expect something as extravagant as the bonus that BetOnline offers. They give back 200% of the first deposit just for playing on the site. As a player racks up more and more time on the site they get more and more bonus, making playing BetOnline truly a worthwhile investment. That Bonus really comes in handy when playing in all the huge guaranteed tournaments that BetOnline host every week. All in all there are more than $250,000 dollars in guaranteed tournaments every week. It is no wonder that BetOnline is the fastest rising site in the U.S.

SportsBetting Poker - One Of Fastest Growing Poker Sites For AL Players

Alabama residents that want a little extra fun out of their poker room should definitely check out SportsBetting. Seasonal events and skill challenges add fun for casual players and a challenge for the poker pros that want to prove they are at the top of their game.

The events can range from point challenges that see users playing poker to rank up points and winning rewards based on how many points they racked up, to leaderboard challenges that reward the best players on the site for their dedication to the game. There are also weekly skill challenges that challenge users to win in a specific manner in order to get a nice little reward. This means players can win money in more diverse ways than on any other site and it makes playing all the more fun and rewarding.

Is it Legal to play Land Based Poker in Alabama?

If you love poker as much as we do and you live in Alabama, there will probably be some unhappy news for you: gambling, under which Alabama law clearly classifies playing poker for bets and wagers, is not a lawful activity.

Specifically, it is illegal for anyone in Alabama to play poker inside a “gambling place” that will collect profits from a game. Despite this being a fairly antiquated law meant to combat organized crime, it is still enforced in Alabama and has led to a lack of any legally functioning poker rooms open to the general public.

Thankfully, the law is a little more lax when it comes to private games held between yourself and a few friends. As long as the game is low stakes (no more than $15 at risk in any given hand) and the place where the game is taking place is not collecting through profit via “rake” (a percentage of each pot the house will take as a profit) or an admission charge, both participation and the hosting of that game are considered perfectly legal.


Legal Land Based Poker Rooms in Alabama

Unfortunately, due to strict state gambling legislation, there are no functional, legal poker rooms in Alabama. The option of finding an underground game in Alabama always exists, and as you can probably imagine, they are certainly more common than most would have you believe, the risk you would run by not only putting yourself in legal trouble but by leaving your money at the mercy of known criminals is often not worth any benefits to seeking out games of this illicit nature.

The only alternative is private home games that you can play amongst friends. Although these can be great fun, they may often limit the ability to win big money. It has been our experience in Alabama that it can be tough to keep friends if you take several hundred dollars from them on the poker table.

So what options is an Alabama resident left with if they wish to play poker in person? Unfortunately, the only option is a long drive. Alabama is bordered on the east and on the west by states where there are legal poker rooms, including the vivacious Biloxi in Mississippi.

In short, unless you want to play poker as a purely social experience with people you already know, Alabama is not in ideal state for poker fans. If Alabama residents really feel the need to play poker in person, they must make a long road trip. 

Note: We are not lawyers, but rather poker players that are knowledgeable about the online gambling laws in the United States. If you have doubts about the poker laws in Alabama, we recommend seeking professional council or doing your own research on Alabama gambling statutes. There is plenty of sites that have legal USA poker, but it is different in every state and changing on a regular basis.